Did you know that Soil & Stone Factory stock locally made chicken feed & additives, Fat Red Hen!

FAT RED HEN ~ SuperAddition is simply added to your regular chicken feed. It is designed to give your chickens the best health possible in a natural, chemical-free way through their daily feeding. It helps your chickens utilise their feed for ultimate growth & egg laying ability. As well as being healthier with much stronger immune systems.

FAT RED HEN ~ Nest-N-Pest is a blend of culinary herbs and edible flowers, that have amazing health and well-being benefits, it also provide a bit of aromatherapy for your chickens. Fresh or dried herbs in your nesting boxes not only work as insecticides, but also have anti-bacterial properties, and can act as natural wormers, anti-parasitic, rodent control, stress relievers and laying stimulants.

Available in various sizes, Call in store to find out more
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