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Get the Mulch You Need from a Bark Supplier in Coolum

Mulching is among the most important ways to keep garden and landscape plants healthy, yet finding the right type of bark mulch can be a challenge, especially since there are many potential benefits or drawbacks for each of the standard varieties. At Soil & Stone Factory, we make selecting the perfect mulch for your garden easier than ever before as a bulk bark supplier for Coolum, with a wide selection of mulch types available.

In the wild, nature provides mulch continually in the form of fallen twigs, bark, and other plant material. However, in a garden or landscape, we need to give our plants a helping hand through adding bark mulches that imitate this ongoing process. A little research into your plants’ specific needs can provide guidance when it comes to selecting your bark mulch.

When you visit our Coolum location, our professionals will provide you with quality service and advice for your next project. As a major bark supplier for Coolum, we understand the needs of local gardeners and landscapers and can help when it comes to selecting the right mulch for your outdoor space. Whether you need bark mulch that will provide an aesthetic improvement to your landscaping, or are looking for optimal water retention and erosion control, we can advise you when making your decision.

Allow us to help you keep your garden in full health with the high-quality bark mulch you need, direct from a bark supplier right here in Coolum. Visit or contact us today to get started with your next mulching project.

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