Find Top Quality Concrete Pavers for sale in the Sunshine Coast

Imagine driving home, turning the corner, and seeing most well-manicured and beautifully landscaped garden on the street. Now envision how satisfied you would feel pulling into the driveway of that home and smiling because you live there. This dream can become a reality with the right tools and design team.

At Soil & Stone Factory, we offer a host of landscaping tools designed to help you reform your yard. For over two years we have been providing homeowners in the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas innovative products to transform their outdoor remodelling ideas into creative landscaping.

Whether you’re seeking some new turf for the side yard or want to refurbish a tired backyard completely, we’ve got you covered. Our products include high-quality pavers in the Sunshine Coast, several varieties of topsoil, cement and building materials, as well as chicken feed and accessories. Also, we offer an extensive selection of natural stone pavers, pebbles, and rocks.

Upgrade your Landscape with Concrete Pavers for Sale in the Sunshine Coast

Whether your goal is to put your home on the market or you just want to spruce up the exterior and kerb appeal, you cannot ignore landscaping. Much like the kitchen is said to be the heart of a home’s interior, the exterior landscape is the first impression the potential buyer or your guests will remember. There are several ways to improve a home’s exterior and increase the attractiveness of your home.

  1. Tidy Up. The outside of your home gives visitors and passers-by a lasting impression. If the exterior of your house isn’t clean and clear of all rubbish or debris the impression left with potential buyers and guests may not be a positive one.
  2. Renovate Landscape. Nothing says, ‘welcome home’ like fresh flowers and lush green plants. Check that your home’s landscape doesn’t send a negative message due to an abandoned yard, overgrown shrubs, or dead lawns.
  3. Upgrade Hardscape. Don’t let broken or damaged walkways or cracked pavers in the driveway overshadow opulent plants and shrubs. Some easy fixes include installing natural stone concrete pavers in the Sunshine Coast.

Local Landscape Company Caters to Customers on the Sunshine Coast

As a family owned local company, we know the value of commitment. That’s why our loyal customers have come to rely on our newly established landscape supply yard fully stocked with the landscape and building materials they need to get the job done.

We are conveniently located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast in Coolum Beach. Soil & Stone Factory was created with our customers in mind, offering the convenient option to stop, park and browse or drive-in/out to gather your items.

If you don’t have a trailer, that’s no problem as we also offer courtesy tipper trailers that are easy to operate. Or, if you prefer our delivery fleet can bring your order right to your home or business. Give us a call on 07 5471 7577 to confirm delivery charges in your area.

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