18 Corbould Road, (on the left) Coolum Beach Qld
Monday - Saturday


Investment Property

Image 1 & 2 Before & After (Top Left) ~ Western Side of the Property

Image 3 & 4 Before & After (Top Right) ~ Driveway

Image 5 & 6 Before & After (2nd Row Left) ~ Dry Creek Bed

Image 7 & 8 Before & After (2nd Row Right)~ Back corner of the block

Image 9 & 10 Before & After (3rd Row Left) ~ Unusable are transformed

Image 11 & 12 Before & After (3rd Row Right) ~ Dressed gardens beds

Image 13 Before & After (Bottom Row Left) ~ Retained garden bed next to driveway

Image 14 Before & After (Bottom Row Right) ~ Dry Creek Bed Mix Succulent Garden



An investment property project that was in need of a good spruce up. Using products that were both affordable & useful. The before & after pics tell the story.

Thanks for all your assistance, good advice and many deliveries to our renovation project.

Julie. H


The property improved both visually & functionally, making it ready for sale quickly, we were able to keep to our budget & get the desired result we need. The design is simple & clean, allowing for future work to blend seamlessly.