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Garden Soil for Sale in the Sunshine Coast

Soil has been defined as a natural compound that is made up of solids gases and liquid. This earthy dirt is said to appear on the surface of the land, occupying space and transforming depending upon the nature of the environment.

Garden Soil in the Sunshine Coast can be characterised by layers which are distinguishable. As one of the most respected biological resources; soil is quite an important element to sustain life on earth. As a crucial component for plant growth, abundance and the retention of moisture, soil is critical for landscaping.

The Importance of Using Quality Garden Soil

Plants and flowers need garden soil to thrive. A quality garden soil will retain moisture and provide the key elements to overall plant, lawn and garden health and vigour. The brand and value of the soil impact the success of a landscape, lawn, or garden as well as how much time will need to be spent working on it. An ideal soil mixture provides a welcoming environment for shrubbery, flowers, and plants with the perfect blend of water, nutrients, and air.

How Types of Soils Impact Landscaping

At Soil & Stone Factory, we know the importance of a quality soil to sustain plants and flowers on the Sunshine Coast. For over two years we have been offering garden soil for sale to our customer with a variety of gardening product choices. Some of the soils we sell include:

Screened Soil: Known as filling soil, this inexpensive dirt has been separated to remove rocks and lessen impurities. It is intended to be used as a base or to level uneven ground before planting. This soil is particularly suitable for new gardens but is not ideal as a lawn base as it is not rich in nutrients.

Native Landscape Mix: The native landscape mix is an all-purpose mixture that is suitable for both exotic, as well as plants indigenous to Australia.

Underturf Blend: We specially blend this soil, so it is appropriate to use before laying seeding or laying new turf. This combination of high-grade soils is highly recommended as it is very even without rocks, which makes it easy to spread.

Top Dress Blend: Just like its name, the top dress blend soil is for dressing up your lawn by spreading the soil mixture on the top of the lawn for an even finish.

Super Soil Blend: The special blend of soil includes all the minerals and nutrients you will need to create healthy garden beds, veggie gardens and enhance your existing soil.

Enriched Compost: No garden would be complete without a composted mix of foul manure and hoop sawdust. This compost is a soil conditioner that provides the added boost to your landscaping cravings.

Whether you would like to haul soil yourself or have it delivered, we have the delivery solution to suit your needs. Give us a call on 07 5471 7577 and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to decide which delivery option is right for you.

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