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Hardwood Chip

​A great mulch to use on your garden, Hardwood chip is produced from 100% hard wood chip material. It is environmentally friendly, Ideal for moisture retention and weed suppression.

1″ Slash Pine

Slash pine bark is one of the most popular landscaping materials and is noted for its natural tan colour, sweet pine aroma, low maintenance and chunky appearance.

Easy to install due to its free flowing nature, installation depth should be 100mm to 150mm.

​Suits small to large domestic gardens and small to medium sized commercial gardens.

Hoop Fines

The Rolls Royce of mulch.

An excellent mulch/landscape product with high moisture retention suitable for indoor pot plants, courtyards and formal gardens.

Hoop Curl

​Hoop Pine has a rich brown curly appearance and is renowned for its ability to cling on to sloping terrain, long lasting, resistance to high winds, to absorb and retain moisture and is also extremely low maintenance. Installation should be to a depth of 100mm to 150mm.

Tea Tree Mulch

Tea tree mulch is an excellent product. It is made by grinding up the wood and bark of Melaleuca tea trees. Tea tree mulch in gardens accomplishes almost everything that mulch can accomplish. Tree pieces are ground up into a fibrous, rich mulch that you can use on any plant.

Cypress Blend

This blend is an environmentally sustainable product. Made from 100% Cypress. With a rich long lasting natural chocolate brown colour it retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden. With a natural Termite Resistance* & fresh cypress fragrance.