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Bagged Mulches

RP SugarCaneMulch 20SQ

Sugar Cane Mulch ~ An all natural, moisture retaining, weed suppressing, soil nourishing super mulch!  Sugar Cane Mulch provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining your home garden. It’s perfect for all gardens and potted plants. Made from an organic, renewable resource; our signature Sugar Cane Mulch is finely chopped and fully dust extracted, making it the best quality and cleanest garden mulch available.

RP PeaStrawMulch 18SQ

Pea Straw Mulch ~ Finely cut and nutrient rich Rocky Point Pea Straw Mulch breaks down naturally to slowly release plant boosting Nitrogen into the soil. Perfect for edible and flowering gardens, Pea Straw Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds and protect against soil erosion all year round. Conveniently packed and easy to use, it is both a mulch and soil conditioner. Pea Straw Mulch is perfect for all gardens and potted plants and is suitable to use all year round.

sand blend

All of Soil & Stone Factory’s Bulk Mulches can be bagged up ready for your smaller project or order a bulk load.

View our range of bulk mulches & bark here…

Potting Mixes


Coco Pro ~ Super Premium Potting Mix 30L

Professional nursery grade ingredients, together with a unique blend of coconut fibre and chip, act as an organic water saver and root stimulator to help a wide range of plants flourish in a natural, healthy growing environment. From vegetables and herbs, to large flowering ornamentals, from large terracotta pots to small seed boxes, Coco Pro makes the earth better in so many ways! This production quality mix contains a blend of; slow and controlled released fertilisers which will feed your plants for up to 14 months; Coconut Fibre and Chip which act as organic water savers and root stimulators; and many other premium ingredients.


Eco Potting Mix ~ Air, water, food – three essential elements every plant needs to thrive. Thankfully there‘s one economical product that delivers on all three fronts – Rocky Point‘s triple action Eco Potting Mix.

Used in pots, planters or garden beds this all-purpose mix aerates, retains moisture, and delivers essential nutrients into the plants.

Eco Potting Mix contains a unique blend of composted organic materials, essential drainage components, lime, dolomite, iron, nitrogen and natural trace elements. Our product is prepared under strict quality control measures in keeping with Australian Standards and NIASA Best Practice to ensure ongoing consistency.

sand blend

Potting Mixes to suit every need


Bonsai Cacti Succulent Mix ~ For brilliant growing results in small format potted plants. Water logging and the resulting “root rot” it can cause, are common problems affecting small potted succulents. That‘s why Rocky Point‘s professional quality Succulent & Cacti Mix has been specifically formulated to encourage water drainage from potted soil. With the added benefits of a slow release fertiliser which feeds plants, this mix has everything you need to grow sensational succulents!


Seed & Cutting Mix ~ Giving your plants the best start in life is essential if they are to grow up healthy and robust. With added trace elements, minerals, nitrogen and coir fibre, Rocky Point‘s Seed and Cutting Mix creates the perfect growing environment for vegetable, flower and herb seeds, or leaf and stem cuttings. Try some in your growing trays today and give your plants the best possible start in life! Perfect for use in seedling trays, sowing into garden beds and growing from cuttings. Seed & Cutting Mix is a high-quality, professional grade potting mix perfect for germinating vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

Soil Improvers


Active Grow ~  This organic soil improver is supercharged with over 15 active ingredients including a blend of organic compost, composted chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite and trace elements. This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields. All of these ingredients combine to create a balanced nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular growth. This ActivGrow is suitable for all garden types, but is most popular for preparing vegetable gardens. Simply add it to your garden beds and turn in with your existing soil for healthier gardens.

sand blend

Something to reawaken your garden

RP OptiLawn 30L

OptiLawn ~ ideal for both new and established lawns, and is great for producing excellent long term results. OptiLawn is a uniquely formulated premium top dress and feed designed to improve, strengthen and rejuvenate your lawn. This professionally developed mix is enhanced with high quality mineral content to level undulations; slow release fertiliser to produce a healthy green lawn; and rich organic matter and wetting granules to improve those dry, tired patched.

GW MushroomCompost

Mushroom Compost ~  a high quality, pure spent mushroom compost mix that meets strict testing standards.

GW ChickenManure

Chicken Manure ~ this fully composted product provides an excellent source of nutrition for all plants in need of a quick nitrogen boost.

GW COW small

Cow Manure ~ a certified organic registered garden product; a nutrient enriched premium blend of fully composted, matured cow manure, providing a safe nutrient rich soil conditioner for all gardens. 

Garden & Lawn Fertilisers


GrowTM is a Bio Organically Sustainable liquid fertilizer, developed as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers and other garden products.


Hydrated Lime ~ In the garden, it can be used to control insects and bacterial growth, break up clay, sweeten soil (making it less acidic, more alkaline), add calcium to depleted soil and to release essential minerals like phosphorous and magnesium from the soil for flowers, vegetables and fruits to produce better yields. It is also used commonly by bricklayers as a mortar plasticiser, especially when laying softer stone like sandstone or limestone and for water purification.

product bag natural gypsum

Revive dense, hard soils that are difficult to cultivate with our Premium Grade Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker – 100% organic, Australian mined calcium sulphate.

product bag eco88s

Achieve fast growth and long lasting colour with Eco88(s), a quality, balanced fertiliser that combines organic and inorganic elements. This premium fertiliser is suitable for the whole garden and fantastic for lawns due to its balance of nutrients, granular form and added iron.

product bag organic booster

Organic Booster is aerobically composted, locally sourced poultry manure. It offers all of the benefits & none of the risks of boosting your soil with ‘fresh’ chicken manure – the best natural manure fertiliser to make your garden grow.

product bag organic xtra

Enrich your soil, enjoy rapid growth, consider the environment & enjoy crops which are healthy to consume. Organic Xtra is the perfect blend of composted poultry manure, blood & bone, fish meal, seaweed & more – 100% natural, organic, foolproof to apply and suitable for the entire garden. You can’t go wrong!



An all year round ‘pick me up’ for your lawn and garden. Feeds and strengthens your lawn for up to 3 months.
Its mineral proportions are as follows: N12.0% P5.2% K14.1% S8.0% Mg1.2%

  • Feeds and strengthens to help protect against future problems
  • Builds strong, deep roots
  • Improves lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients

Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.



Feeds, nourishes and strengthens your lawn for up to 3 months. This quality fertiliser contains higher Nitrogen for spring growth.
Its mineral proportions are as follows: N20.3% P0% K16.0% S10.2%

Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.



Give your lawn the support it needs going into the cooler months. Feeds and strengthens your lawn for up to 3 months.
Enjoy better lawn health and less mowing during autumn and winter months.
Its mineral proportions are as follows: N20.3% P0% K16.0% S10.2%

  • Encourages strong root growth and beautiful winter colour

Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.



Super absorbent water crystals to help keep new lawns hydrated.
Its mineral proportions are as follows: N10.0% P4.3% K11.8% S5.0%

  • Helps to save water

Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.

Garden Accessories

weedmat domestic main2

Weedmat – Available in Handy Packs or 50 metre rolls ~ 915mmx10m / 915mmx50m / 1.83mx10m/ 1.83mx50m     

geo main

GeoFabric ~ Available in various sizes ~ 1mx7m / 2m x 7m / 1mx50m / 2mx50m         

Weed Killer

BioWeed Natural Weed Killer

  • Visible symptoms on some weed species after 1 hour
  • Organic certification – Organic input and approved for organic gardening
  • Controls a wide range of common weeds and grasses
  • Non residual so it will break down in the soil within 72hrs
  • Kills both weeds and their seeds
  • Safe around children, pets, vegetables and gardens
  • 100% Synthetic chemical free and glyphosate-free
  • Owned and made in Australia

Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.