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Garden Pots are a great way to add impact to your garden and a great way to transform a space,
inject life into an interior and soften the edges of a sparse garden area.
Sourcing the plant is relatively easy, finding a complimentary pot that suits the location is another story.
At Soil and Stone Factory we now stock a vast range of pots supplied by one of Australia’s premier pottery suppliers that source from Europe and Asia.
Any garden pots that are not in store are easily available to be ordered with delivery into store every two weeks.
Catalogues are available in store showing our full garden pot range.
Click on the title below each image to view the full range.

Antique Terracotta

Bird Bath, Bonsai & Feet

Blue & White Ceramics








Old Stone





Statues, Lanterns & Features


Stone Bowls, Pedestals & Pots


Terracotta Standards

Terrazzo Lite

Wall Hangings & Animals

Guide to helping you select the perfect garden pot:
1/. Consider where your pot will be located
2/. Decide on your personal style based on your garden style
3/. Determine the size requirement based on your selected plant and its root systems
4/. Lastly be mindful of the colour so you match your home & garden style