18 Corbould Road, (on the left) Coolum Beach Qld
Monday - Saturday



All of our sands are covered to prevent them becoming water logged.

Premium Brickies Loam

Bedding Sand

Medium River Sand

Fine White Sand
(sand pit sand)

Custom Blend

Soil & Stone Factory can also blend a specialty blend, just ask!

Gravel & Drainage

Gravel aggregates are used in construction to provide drainage, fill voids, protect pipes, and to provide hard surfaces. They are also used in water filtration and sewage treatment processes.

Water will percolate through a trench filled with aggregate more quickly than it will through ​the surrounding soil, thus enabling an area to be drained of surface water.

Road Base

Crusher Dust

Concrete Blend

Drainage 5/7mm

Drainage 10mm

Drainage 20mm