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screened soil

Screened Soil

Screened or Filling Soil is an inexpensive soil that has been screened to remove rocks and impurities to be used as a base.  Ideal for levelling ground especially for new gardens, or raising the ground to a workable level. Not overly suitable for new garden beds, pots or as a lawn base, as it holds very little nutrients.

super soil blend

Super Soil Blend

Soil & Stone Factory’s special soil blend, includes all the goodies you’ll need for the perfect garden bed, veggie or herb patch or improving your poor soils.


Underturf Blend

Another of Soil & Stone Factory’s specially blended soils perfect for use prior to laying new turf or seeding. A highly recommended alternative to other used mediums such as crusher dust or sand products. A very smooth soil, free from lumps, bumps & rocks. Easy to spread.

Ask about the use of our lawn levellers!

top dressing blend

Top Dress Blend

A special blend proven perfect for top dressing your lawn. When top dressing your lawn, spread soil mixture up to 1cm thick over the entire grass surface.

Potting Mix

Bulk Potting Mix

A Soil & Stone Factory popular blend perfect for bulk potting. It is recommended to team this blend with a bag or ten of  our Coco Pro for optimum results.

3 in 1 Compost Mix Resized e1610407104989

3 in 1 Compost Mix

Specially designed Mix is a blend of Mushroom Compost, Cow Manure and Chicken Manure. It is a great booster for already established vegetable gardens. It can contain small amounts of sawdust and/or shavings. This mix is available in bulk or bags.