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Where to Buy Top-Quality Sand and Gravel on the Sunshine Coast

When people think of sand and gravel, many imagine merely piles of dirt in the yard or sand at the beach. At Soil & Stone Factory, we know the value of sand and gravel on the Sunshine Coast for construction and landscaping endeavours.

The uses for gravel in landscaping and construction blueprints typically involve a way to provide much-needed drainage, protect the piping, fill voids in areas to create a level surface and help with uneven or non-existent hard surfaces for building. Gravel can also be used to provide a more efficient water filtration system when dealing with the treatment of sewage.

For example, a trench filled with aggregate gravel will encourage water to permeate quicker than if it was merely draining through the surrounding soil. This innovative process enables a more effective drainage of the area and saves you time and money.

For years, we have been providing a variety of the highest quality gravel and sand to our customers. We offer a host of different types of gravel for your building projects to include Road Base, Crusher Dust, Concrete Blend and basic drainage sand and gravel on the Sunshine Coast.

We also have a variety of different sand to accommodate any building scheme or draining needs you may have. Some of the sand we carry includes Premium Brickies Loam, Bedding Sand, Medium River Sand, Fine White Sand, or we can create a custom blend specific to your unique needs.

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