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Whether you have potted indoor plants, an outdoor garden, or laying new turf, soil selection is critical to the health of your plants & garden. Choose the best soil to provide your plants with the right amount of drainage, soil consistency, and nutrient-retention. Selecting the right type of soil and can be cost-effective in the long-run.


There are many ways to find information about the specific needs of the plants you will be adding to your garden, this information will help you select the appropriate type of soil your plants require. 
Look your plant up online, flip through a plant identification book, or read the tag that accompanies the plant when you buy it.

  • Consider, for example, the amount of moisture your plant needs. A desert plant is going to require sandy potting soil that can drain more easily than the soil for a wetland plant.
  • Take the PH level that your plant needs into account. While most potting mixes have a pH of 7.0, a plant like the African Violet requires a more acidic soil, specifically one with a pH of 6.0.
  • Native plants will have specific soil requirements. Always read more about the specific needs of your plant or ask at your local nursery what the optimum soil and pH are for any given native plant


Different plants will require various nutrients, some of which may not always be produced naturally. The following knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision when the time comes to select the best soil for your plants or garden:

  • Organic potting soil is eco-friendly, as it is composed of microorganisms, decaying plant material, worms, and other natural elements. It contains microscopic organisms that add nutrients and minerals to the soil.
  • Conventional potting soils contain ingredients such as peat, manure, and black hummus. All fertilizer or nutrients in non-organic potting soil have been manufactured and added by humans.


  • Our soils are blended to the perfect mix to suit your requirements & help your garden grow. Speak to our team on what soil bests suits your needs.

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Key Benefits of our Service

Specially blended to soils to help your garden achieve the best possible results. 

  Extend your home with a beautiful garden
  Your property value increases when your garden looks amazing
 Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
  Healthy beautiful gardens year round
  Reduce your time in the garden with the correct selection

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