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Enhance your Home’s Kerb Appeal – Buy Wholesale Landscaping Pebbles on the Sunshine Coast

Many folks want to increase the kerb appeal of their homes but aren’t quite sure how to do it. One of the easiest ways to enhance the exterior of your home is to renovate the landscaping. There are many ways to modernise an outdated landscape including installing natural stone pavers on walkways and driveways and by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Whether you want to do the project yourself or prefer to hire a professional landscaper, you can get all the products for your landscaping remodel at Soil & Stone Factory. For over two years we have been providing wholesale landscape, building, and gardening items to the homes and businesses of the Sunshine Coast.

Our knowledgeable staff has the experience to help you with your landscape or building projects. We offer convenient delivery service as well as loaner tipper trailers. The trailers are simple to use, and our reliable employees can walk you through the basics so you can haul your purchases with ease.

Revamp your Yard in Sunshine Coast with Stone Pebbles

One of the many benefits of landscaping your yard includes relaxing after work, entertaining in a the backyard, and increasing the value of your home. Envision that your yard is the envy of neighbours with a beautifully landscaped yard and knowing that you saved a bundle with a local Sunshine Coast company who provides the highest quality exterior decorating products.

Some of the items we carry include natural stone pavers, wholesale landscaping pebbles, soil, turf and building materials. There are different types of landscaping pebbles, each with a different purpose, style, and colour. The pebbles come in a range of colours with a diversity of textures to match. Some of the stones have lines that are said to resemble veins and some with quartz or minerals elements.

The Benefit of using Wholesale Landscaping Pebbles in your Yard

Stones and pebbles are one of the most versatile and low-maintenance materials we carry. Landscaping pebbles can be used in buildings as well as for yards and pathways. There is a vast array of colours to choose from, and they offer many benefits. For example, using landscaping pebbles in the Sunshine Coast is an affordable, low-maintenance option for those seeking an attractive cover for a drainage area.

While most pebbles are smooth, there are those with definite marks which seem to indicate their adventures under the water. No matter what the colour or marking, most people enjoy the natural look of landscaping pebbles as they add an effortless stone element to a garden.

Experience Effortless Landscaping with Rocks, Stones, and Pebbles

In addition to landscaping pebbles, we offer a variety of sand, gravel, rocks, and natural stone pavers. With proper placement, stones and other materials can delineate areas of a garden or path, create dimension between the plants or flowers and enhance the space with an earthy ambience.

We are conveniently located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, next door to Reece Plumbing and just opposite Shipping Container Pools. Call us today on 07 5471 7577 and find out why we are your number one place to visit for landscaping materials and turf supplies in the Sunshine Coast.

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